Business Minded Approach
to Legal Guidance

Goal Focused. Result Driven.

Any lawyer can give you a list of what you can’t do. At TSL, we distill legal risk into commercial terms that are more easily weighed and provide solution-focused advice to help clients reach their goals.

Innovative Strategies for Water Resource Management

Creative Solutions for Complex Relationships

We help our clients make sense of complex water management issues and develop strategies for effective long-term use.

Navigating Business Disputes

TSL Is In Your Corner

Contract Dispute? Mediation? Arbitration? Court Hearing? Our dedicated attorneys will help guide you through the process step by step to reach a resolution that meets your objectives.

Leaders in Indian Law

Navigating Sovereignty

TSL has extensive experience in assisting clients in addressing the complicated issues involved in working in and with Native communities and enterprises.

“I don’t want a lawyer who tells me what I cannot do;  I hire a lawyer to show me how…”



  • Acquisitions & Divestitures

    When acquiring a new business, or when selling a going concern, TSL has the expertise to guide you through the process and protect you from unwanted risk. Whether a small transaction or one involving +$100M, consult with us before you make a formal offer.

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  • Corporate Transactions & Emerging Markets

    While our firm may be small, our experience spans the globe. If you are an emerging start-up, large enterprise or international organization, TSL’s team of global corporate attorneys can help your entity through each stage of your domestic or cross-border transaction, agreement, undertaking or corporate structuring.

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  • Climate Change & Sustainability

    Climate change and sustainability considerations are a reality for proactive businesses that want to reduce their environmental footprint and address consumer demands. Our firm can assist your business in exploring creative ways to identify and implement resource mitigation strategies, promote sustainability and outcomes, and enhance business leadership and market opportunities.

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  • Environmental & Natural Resources

    At TSL, our attorneys can guide businesses through the myriad of environmental and natural resource laws when planning projects that require environmental or water management review. TSL can assist your business with natural resource planning, environmental assessments, environmental impact statements, federal and state environmental regulations, and habitat conservation plans.

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  • General Counsel Services

    Whether you are a company seeking consistent legal guidance on specific issues, or structuring contracts and internal documents to position your company for growth, or just require help administering and managing corporate compliance for your entity portfolio, TSL has a solution to fit your needs. Our attorneys have unique insights having worked as in-house counsel and having partnered with our corporate clients to help them find effective and practical solutions for their business goals.

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  • Indian Law

    TSL can assist you in navigating issues related to tribal sovereignty and on how to deal with these complex federal regulations. Leveraging our combined 40+ years of experience in Indian Law, we advise clients on the nuances and unique considerations of conducting business on tribal reservations and tribal-owned fee lands, as well as, representing corporate enterprises and tribal governments in and out of tribal court.

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  • Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

    Entering into a partnership or joint venture? Considering a strategic alliance? TSL’s corporate team can help you execute domestic and international deals seamlessly and provide your business with strategic insights to help you reach your goals without breaking bank.

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  • Licensing & Intellectual Property

    In today’s digital age, intellectual assets have become increasingly valuable and leaving them unprotected puts your business at risk. TSL can help you develop and implement simple and effective intellectual property and licensing strategies to protect and monetize your assets.

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  • Water Rights & Water Management

    Undoubtedly, water resources management, mitigation and constructive planning is essential to smart business operations in our local, regional and global economy. Our lawyers provide sound advice and creative strategies for water management within complex business and ecological environments. Let us assist your company in identifying and considering economically feasible approaches to effectively enhance business opportunities in your market.

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